Command Spells

A special form of Magecraft wielded uniquely by the Masters of the Holy Grail War. The Command Spells are the physical manifestation of the pact which binds Servants to their Masters, providing a channel for energy to flow from Master to Servant and also allowing the Master to compel the Servant’s obedience. There are a total of three Command Spells which manifest physically on the Master’s body in the form of an intricate sigil, usually located on the back of one of the Master’s hands. The Master must retain at least one of these three Command Spells in order for the pact between Master and Servant to remain valid. Expending the final Command Spell or otherwise losing access to the Command Spells nullifies the pact, removing the Master from the Holy Grail War and dismissing the Master’s Servant, provided the Servant does not form a new pact with another Master.

Some of the more common uses of Command Spells include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Enhancing a Servant’s abilities for a limited time
  • Summoning a Servant to the Master’s side immediately from some other location
  • Compelling a Servant’s obedience to an order that the Servant would not normally be inclined to follow

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Command Spells

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