Character Creation Guidelines

Characters will be created using the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition rules.

Players will create two characters, a Master and a Servant. These two will work together as a team with the goal of winning The Holy Grail War.

Masters will be created at Power Level 8 with 120 Character Points.

Servants will be created at Power Level 14 with 210 Character Points.

There are no abilities explicitly banned or off limits, however when creating Masters keep in mind that they are more or less normal humans but with a few extraordinary abilities. Servants, on the other hand, possess incredible abilities and are superhuman in many respects. The GM retains final approval authority in all cases, and if any ability is determined to be game breaking or sufficiently disruptive to the flow of the game, the GM retains the right to restrict or ban the ability as needed.

See below for a set of suggested templates to use in creating Servants. These are merely guidelines and not hard and fast rules, however Servants in general should conform to the broad descriptions given in the Wiki section for their respective classes.

Servant Templates

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Character Creation Guidelines

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