Kayden Bartolomei


A tall, middle-aged man with slightly graying black hair and blue eyes. He wears a small goatee on his chin and dresses in a finely tailored white suit that appears freshly pressed and laundered at all times, regardless of what he might be doing at the moment.


Master of Rider.

Kayden belongs to The Mage’s Association and is known as one of the few practicioners of time manipulation magecraft. He specializes in manipulating time around himself, using it to speed up his actions and his movements. To the unknowing observer, it sometimes seems as if he is capable of teleportation, but this is actually just his extremely fast movement combined with a mastery of acrobatics. He is also one of the few mages to regularly make use of Projection magic, in his particular case using it to create a multitude of daggers which he hurls at his enemies.

As an Association mage, he has an arrogant and haughty attitude, and often talks down to others. He also seems to know quite a bit about the Holy Grail War and apparently was one of the mages involved in the conflict after the Fifth Grail War when the Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka dismantled the system. He expresses curiosity and intrigue at the occurrence of the Sixth Grail War, and is happy to have been chosen as a Master. The fact that the Holy Grail appears to have been tainted with the curse of Angra Mainyu does not seem to deter him.

Kayden Bartolomei

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