Emi Tohsaka


A high school girl, approximately 14-15 years old. She has long, straight black tresses that reach down to her thighs and bright blue eyes. She wears the school uniform of Homurahara Gakuen.


Master of Lancer. She was spotted by Caster observing the battle with Berserker and was rescued from Caster’s illusions when Lancer retreated from the fight.

After investigating Homurahara Gakuen, Lancer’s Master has been identified as Emi Tohsaka, daughter of Rin and Shirou Tohsaka. She is a second year student and class representative for class 2-1 at the school. At first she seems arrogant, haughty, and hostile, but after getting to know her better she seems to soften the rough edges somewhat. She appears to have a particular soft spot for her older classmate, Makoto Matou. Whether this is merely friendship or some deeper affection has yet to be seen.

Emi Tohsaka

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