Fate/Shattered Dreams

Notes from Erisviel - Part 2

List of Known Servants by Grail War

Note: Erisviel claims that detailed records for the first three Grail Wars do not exist, due either to the records being either lost, stolen, or destroyed. She does note that the Assassin summoned in every war is generally Hassan-i-Sabbah, the founder of the original Hashshashin. However, a different version of him is summoned each time. This is thought to be due to the fact that each leader of the order has been known as “The Old Man in the Mountain” and did not have a distinct identity of his or her own.

There are a few scattered notes on the Saber summoned during the Third Grail War. The identity of the Servant is unknown, but it is noted that two separate aspects of the same Servant were summoned by a pair of twins from the Edelfelt family. The reason for this is thought to be the special Sorcery Trait of the family known as Ore Scales, which allows them to have their complete Thaumaturgical Crest inherited by two family members instead of only one.

Fourth Grail War

Archer – Gilgamesh
Assassin – Hassan-i-Sabbah
Berserker – Lancelot
Caster – Gilles de Rais
Lancer – Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Rider – Alexander the Great
Saber – King Arthur

Fifth Grail War

Archer – ???? (The identity of Archer is unknown and there is some debate on which Heroic Spirit might have been summoned)
Assassin – Sasaki Kojiro
Berserker – Hercules
Caster – Medea
Lancer – Cu Chulainn
Rider – Medusa
Saber – King Arthur



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